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What is Shamanism?

Alongside my counselling, psychotherapy and organisational work, I work as a shamanic practitioner. I have an interest in, and experience of using ancient healing methods to promote recovery and wellbeing, namely shamanism.


Archaeological evidence of shamanism dates back over 40,000 years. Shamans served in a unique capacity as healers, doctors, spiritual advisors, philosophers and psychologists. They were the first healers on the planet and kept the human race alive for thousands of years prior to the recent arrival of western medicine. Shamans were also responsible for caring for the planet and it's the disconnection from these ancient indigenous ways of living that has caused some of the illness we experience individually and the problems we have on our planet today. Shamanism looks at healing mind, body and soul, whereas western medicine looks at treating symptoms and diagnosis. Shamanic healing teaches us how to move beyond our stories that might be holding us back, regain our energy and step into our power.

In my work as a shamanic practitioner I offer two services:

1) Traditional shamanic healing - Individual meditative sessions usually 120 minutes or longer

2) Psycho-shamanic therapy - A combination of psychotherapy and shamanic techniques, short or long term weekly sessions.

I have received training in classical and core shamanism from Sacred Trust UK. I am also a Four Winds graduate having received my shamanic practitioner training from Alberto Villoldo and his team. I incorporate Quechua and Inca traditions in my work and have been walking the shamanic path for a number of years.

What can shamanic healing help with?
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Shamanic healing can help with all spiritual, psychological and physical issues. In the western world we focus mainly on the body. However recent advances in science and psychology have proven that the mind can both make the body sick (psychosomatic illness) and the mind can make the body well (psychosomatic health). Therefore, the mind informs the body.

Shamans have always known that the soul informs the mind, which informs the body. Therefore the shaman works at the level of the spirit or soul, where all illnesses are known to originate, which subsequently restores the mind and the physical body of the individual back to balance and wholeness. 

Whilst shamanic healing, like any form of healing, would significantly benefit anyone, it can be specifically useful in more urgent cases if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • feeling like a part of yourself is missing

  • feeling like your thoughts or actions are not you

  • feeling drained or exhausted

  • disassociation or trauma symptoms

  • lacking direction or a sense of purpose

  • an identity crisis

  • a spiritual emergency or awakening

Shamanic healing is a restorative and meditative process that can make you feel whole and energised, give you direction, happiness, purpose and reconnect you to the magic of life.

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